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The Customers Always “Write”

Solar Gem owners… please share your greenhouse gardening experience with us!

I purchased my small Solar Gem in 2016. It was used, not sure of its age. I live in Steamboat Springs, CO, weather can be difficult. This past summer it was moved on the back of a pickup to my new house. Why am I telling you this…. We are having a record snow year and it is waiting for spring covered in snow. Very pleased with its durability, thought you might wonder.

- Barbara Cannizzo

This is our 2nd season with our 8 x 12 Solar Gem. We absolutely love it. Living in a climate that rarely reaches the high 70s in the summer, our Solar Gem allows us to grow amazing fruits and veggies we wouldn’t normally be able to grow outside.

- Mike Kansa

Love my greenhouse!
I use it for all 4 seasons here in northern Colorado. Last Winter are used soil cables and frost covers inside and did not heat it. Was able to overwinter several trees and lettuce kale flowers this way
It is fantastic in every way!

- Marianne Pullam

I absolutely love my greenhouse. Solar Gem Greenhouse is so easy to
work with. The delivery was error free and right on time.. They even spread the gravel mounded within, setup my benches and then gave me a complete run down on my greenhouse. I immediately put my flowers inside to protect them from frost. Can’t wait to see what beautiful baskets and geraniums I’ll have next spring. Compliments to Solar Gem Greenhouses!!!!!

sandy “Sandypa”
I’ve had my Solar Gem Greenhouse for several years & love it! I’ve started lots of flower seeds, grown tomatoes & carrots inside too. Very sturdy & has held up well. We ran power & water so makes my chore very easy.
- KaraLee Monroe
Great Greenhouse… it was suggested that I remove and store the automatic openers during the Eastern Washington winter months and I did. Now upon reinstalling the openers are a little difficult to get back in. Minor problem… we really should have purchased the biggest unit due to our garden needs. Thanks, John
- John Jones
I haven’t tried these yet but after looking at many different greenhouses, this is definitely the one!! Looks like an awesome product!
- Laura Lofgren
I am so glad I did my research before purchasing my greenhouse, even though most greenhouses look alike this one is by far the better quality.
- A.J. Hamil