Solar Gem Greenhouses, Inc.

Univent automatic vent opener


Solar Vent Opener Can Open About 14″ When Fully Extended, Can Lift 15#

Start Opening At Any Temperature Between 60-77° F (15-25° C)

Screw directly into polycarbonate panels, wood, or metal frames.


This solar vent control will open and close vents, in your solar gem greenhouse. It features two closing springs for extra strength. The Univent solar vent opener is the only solar-powered control with a quick-release mounting bracket. Just grasp the “clutch” arm and squeeze for easy detachment. This allows vent to be fully opened for access to the interior. During this time with shortages of items, we may be forced to substitute Univent openers with another manufacturer.

The solar-powered cylinder can be adjusted in 1° F increments for opening temperatures between 60° F and 77° F. Full opening of 18″ is reached at 86° F. Lifting capacity is 15 lbs.

Note: Cylinder should not be allowed to freeze. Freezing can compromise the seal, causing it to break and leak, which will render the mechanism inoperable.