Solar Gem Greenhouses, Inc.

Super Large 8′ x 30′ Greenhouse


This is our largest greenhouse and very popular with gardeners who have large families, large growing ambitions, and/or wish to use their greenhouse to generate income by selling what they grow. If you’re ready for abundant harvests of your favorite flora, this is the size for you! A 32″ storm door, rear window or optional back door and four automatic overhead vents are included. Our Largest greenhouse is designed to accommodate eight (8) of our optional cedar work benches.


Delivered Complete

Solar Gem Greenhouses require no assembly. The 30′ house will need to be attached in the field with supplied carriage bolts. The one-piece fiberglass greenhouse construction, Gothic-arch and ribbed design make our greenhouses super strong and yet remarkably light weight. These portable greenhouses are easy to move from one location to another. They have no seams for heat loss and no framework to rust, rot or panels to get loose from gusty winds and storms.

The Easiest Way To Garden!

Our ceiling vents and automatic ceiling vent openers are located at the top of the greenhouse preventing heat from getting trapped which allows for natural heat exhaust and eliminates the need for expensive fans. Shade cloths are not required because the greenhouses are not clear. The glass fibers in the wall diffuse the light inside the greenhouse resulting in uniformly shaped plants and flowers, eliminates the need for turning or rotating of your plants, and allows for multiple level gardening. The Solar Gem Greenhouses will out produce any comparable size greenhouse on the market. Our Small greenhouse, the 8’ X 7 ½’, easily starts enough plants for a garden over 3000 square feet.

No Foundation Required

All you need to do is dig a 3 inch deep, 10 inch wide trench for the greenhouse to fit into and we do the rest. Our delivery crew will place the greenhouse into your yard right where you want it, for local deliveries only.  Once the built-in foundation  lip is back filled with dirt or gravel the greenhouse is secure. You then have natural drainage inside the greenhouse and you can plant directly into the ground if you want to. The 8’ high ceiling is plenty high for tomato plants, lemon trees or most any tall plant. Even our smallest greenhouse is 8 feet tall, so you are not limited to the type of plant you choose to grow.

Some customers will anchor through the built-in foundation lip to secure the greenhouse to the ground, an existing concrete slab or wood deck by using spikes, rebar, concrete anchor bolts or lag screws.

Gel Coat Exterior

The Solar Gem Greenhouse is the only fiberglass greenhouse with a gel coat exterior.  We use the highest quality marine grade gel coat on our greenhouses.  The resin we use is formulated exclusively for us to our specifications. Both the fiberglass interior and gel coat exterior are UV stabilized.  So, unlike all other fiberglass greenhouses and fiberglass panels on the market, the Solar Gem Greenhouses will not pit or get rough on the outside.  They will not become a dirt trap!  Our gel coat stays smooth for as long as you own the greenhouse and it does not discolor.  Simply hose it off if it gets dusty or dirty.  Your Solar Gem Greenhouse will always look new.  We are the easiest greenhouse to maintain!


We have designed and produce cedar work tables, potting trays and watering trays for all of our greenhouses. Our work tables come with hang rails and are available as single or double shelves.  They come with removable slats and our extra large potting tray and watering tray fit right into the table.  The removable slats allow you to plant into the ground.  You can let your tomato plant grow right up through the table and still use the rest of it for potted plants.  The Solar Gem Greenhouse is truly the easiest greenhouse to garden in all year long.  We strive to make you a happy and successful gardener.

Where can you see us?

Check out our calendar page to see if we are at a show or fair near you.  Click on a date to see show locations and show times. Or, if you are in the Seattle/Tacoma area, stop by the factory and see them being produced. We usually have all sizes in inventory.