Solar Gem Greenhouses, Inc.

Double Work Table 68″


Our 100% Cedar work tables are precision designed in our factory, and they come to you pre-built…you have nothing to assemble! Each comes with one hang rail and removable slats which allows for great space flexibility and the accommodating of tall plants. The removable slats allow you to plant into the ground, if you choose. You can let your tomato plant grow right up through the table, up to the ceiling, and still use the rest of it for potted plants, trays, and starts. But if what you desire most is maximum shelf space, the Double Work Table, with its full upper and lower shelves, is what you seek. Our extra large potting tray and watering tray fit right into the table by removing some slats. Cedar work tables that fit our Medium greenhouses are each 6 feet in length, and those designed for our Large greenhouses are 7.5 feet each in length. A maximum of four cedar work tables can fit into our Medium and Large greenhouses, where our Small can accommodate just two.