Solar Gem Backyard Garden

My Solar Gem Backyard Garden began with a Solar Gem Greenhouse.

The first thing I decided when choosing a Solar Gem Greenhouse was how much growing space I would need. I kept in mind, that a greenhouse is a long-term investment.  My Solar Gem Greenhouse has ample room for growing in the years ahead.  My Solar Gem Greenhouse has maximum light and plenty of headroom for hanging plants as well. I am able to grow vegetables easily.

Because of the  heat and humidity held in my Solar Gem Greenhouse it was simple to start seeds early and to hold young plants in containers until the weather  warmed up. I waited until  the plants were strong enough to be transplanted.

I was so excited  with my Solar Gem Greenhouse I designed a garden around it. It was great to begin early and plant the starts I harvested from my greenhouse. I have had lots of fun researching all the plants I decided to grow. I find it so interesting. I have learned quite a lot.

My Solar Gem Greenhouse will be great to grow in all year round. In wintertime to assist my plants I found a few choices. These are heat mats, grow lights or a space heater that can help with heating my  Solar Gem Greenhouse.

I look forward to winter time in my Solar Gem Greenhouse. I have more to learn about greenhouse garden but I am ready to get started.  My Solar Gem Greenhouse is a great investment for me and my family. My young toddler loves the strawberries I was able to grow in the strawberry trough in my Solar Gem Greenhouse.

My family and I are happy with our investment in our future, growing healthy food and living a healthy life style with the help of a Solar Gem Greenhouse.

(John from Beaverton, Oregon)

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