More people are saying “NO” to Genetically Modified Foods

Greenhouse Gardening: more people are saying "NO to genetically modified foodWith opponents conjuring up images akin to the Frankenstein monster of Mary Shelley’s famous novel, genetically modified foods, and other worrisome trends with our food supply, are sending droves of health conscious consumers to grow their own edibles through backyard greenhouse gardening.

Genetically Modified Foods

According to the online food advocacy site Bad Seed, “Genetically engineered plants have had either genes from bacteria or viruses, or genes that make plants resistant to toxic chemicals like the herbicide Roundup — spliced into their DNA. These genes were never part of the human diet until the first GMO plant was created in 1996.” In an online article entitled 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified (GM) Foods, author Nathan Batalion Pakalert stated, “…much of GM [Genetically Modified] technology is directed at eliminating surrounding biological environment – competing animals and plants by soaking them with lethal toxins.” And this from the Philadelphia Enquirer online, “In conclusion, seventy percent of our food is genetically engineered and Monsanto makes 90 percent of the genetically engineered seeds….unless you buy from seed companies that do not sell GMO seed, and then grow your own food.” But GMO foods are not without their fans and advocates. Advocates for GMO say that all the worry is groundless and such modifications to seeds can lead to higher yields and drought resistance, just to name a few. And with world populations increasing, they say, and weather patterns gaining wilder swings, the world’s food supply needs heartier seeds and bigger harvests to keep up with future demand.

The debate rages on, but ominous warnings from concerned scientists, advocates, and health professionals about the cons of GMO foods being outweighed by their benefits, is seemingly growing louder each day.

Greenhouse gardening and growing your own food

Think about the meals you ate yesterday. Was any of it grown with genetically modified seeds? Do you know? It’s this great uncertainty, the great unknowns of Genetically Modified Foods, skyrocketing grocery prices, the desire to eat healthier foods from a trusted source, and the trends toward self-sufficiency that are driving more people around the world to purchase their own backyard greenhouse and begin a lifelong journey of greenhouse gardening. How else can you be sure that your foods have not been altered at the genetic level? Also, how else can you be certain that caustic pesticides have not been sprayed on the vegetables that you and your family will consume? Greenhouse gardening puts you in the driver seat to insure that only the freshest, most natural, and healthiest foods are grown and consumed by you and your loved ones.

Solar Gem Greenhouses points the way

For almost 25 years, Solar Gem Greenhouses has been a favorite of backyard gardeners who, for a whole host of reasons, have decided that greenhouse gardening makes great sense for them. Whether you are a novice or advanced gardener, someone alarmed at the trajectory of our food supply, or you want a year-round garden of organic, worry-free vegetables that are teeming with amazing flavors, a Solar Gem Greenhouse simply cannot be beat, no matter what the climate in your area may be.

Let’s Grow!

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