Even former Solar Gem owners want to crow about our greenhouses…

I LOVED my Solar Gem!  I recently moved and I sadly had to leave it behind.  I had the 8 by 12 size [Medium]. It took me a few years to talk my husband into buying me one.  When he saw how happy it made me, he said he wished he had bought it sooner.  We also wished we had bought the largest one.  Not that the 8 x 12 is bad, but I had so much fun playing in my house, I could see endless possibilities with a little more room.
 I used it YEAR-ROUND: to start my plants in the Spring, to grow AWESOME tomatoes in the summer (that produced  til November!) and then to winter over my outdoor pots.
We grew our tomatoes in large, plastic  farm troughs. We drilled holes in them for drainage. I could grow four types of tomatoes using two of the farm troughs.  In the winter, we emptied them out and lined them with plastic. Then we filled them with water and placed a board over the filled totes.  We could place pots on the boards on the totes to help keep them from freezing. We also placed one gallon milk jugs of water around the pots to help keep them from freezing.  (As water freezes, it emits warm air.) In the summer you don’t have to worry about ‘burning’ your plants as would happen in a glass house and there is no need for a shade cloth either.  We plumbed and wired our house so we could add drippers, a fan and a grow light.  This really is a no fuss, no muss set up.
I like all the new features that you have added since I bought mine.  Changing the woodwork to cedar is a really nice upgrade from pine. I also like the potting tray cover for added counter space, as well as the hanging troughs that you made for the hang rails.  It’s nice to see that you all are changing things up to make a better product, instead of just going with the current flow. That shows a true investment  and commitment in your product.
 If I am ever am lucky enough to have another greenhouse, it will definitely be a Solar Gem.
 – Sue R.