How long can I expect my greenhouse to last?

Decades is a real good guess. See, we’ve been making these beauties since 1991 and we know of many of our original units that are still going strong and churning out amazing flowers, plants, and vegetables throughout the year. We’ve yet to hear of one wearing out, so who knows?! And that’s no surprise…the top-notch materials and exacting building process we employ are superior in every regard, and make great longevity a reality. And think about some of the natural hazards that can shorten the lifespan of a greenhouse… heavy snow, high winds, hail, and more. Any of these can mean a fast and certain death to greenhouses made with glass or PVC or sheets of plastic. Solar Gems have been subjected to the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them, and they have proven themselves rugged, resilient, and strong. Ours are built to last a very long time.