Building a greenhouse is tough. Do I have to assemble yours?

No, not with a Solar Gem. Building a greenhouse is what other manufacturers require you to do. Our greenhouses are a molded, one-piece fiberglass unit, ready to start gardening in the moment one is placed in your backyard. That means there is NOTHING for you to build, NOTHING for you to assemble, and NOTHING that requires you to put it together! Even the optional cedar work benches come pre-built from the factory. Just grow, harvest, and enjoy. Solar Gem makes gardening super easy, highly productive, and hassle-free. Building a greenhouse is old fashioned and complicated. Who has the time and patience? And who can follow the instructions that were printed overseas by their manufacturers? Building a greenhouse is indeed tough, it’s an arduous process, often very time consuming….and it’s completely unnecessary if you buy a Solar Gem Greenhouse! The benefits of owning a Solar Gem Greenhouse FAR outweigh any benefits of a “kit” greenhouse – made of some kind of glass or plastic – that were popular in yesteryear. Finally, want to know how long a build-it-yourself greenhouse will last? COMPARE WARRANTIES! Solar Gem Greenhouses come with a Limited LIFETIME Warranty. Nobody else even comes close.