Are there uses for a Solar Gem Greenhouse other than growing plants, flowers, and vegetables?

Yes, indeed. We’ve heard a lot of ingenious uses for our greenhouses over the years, but one really stands out and is worth mentioning here. Several owners who have purchased our large (8×15′) greenhouse have ordered theirs with a door on both ends (a $300 special upgrade). Then, these owners create a barrier, or separator, right in the middle of the interior. One end becomes an amazing year-round greenhouse, and the other end becomes a chicken coop! And since chickens possess a high body temperature (120 degrees) they also act as a natural plant warmer in the cooler months. Oh, and did we mention the abundant natural fertilizer available for use on the plants and veggies on the greenhouse side? Amazing, huh? Fresh veggies and eggs all year long.

Of course, some of our owners utilize a portion of their greenhouses for storage of rakes, mowers, gardening tools, sprinkler parts, etc….you can never have too much storage, you know! And, as opposed to most sheds, you can see inside a Solar Gem without adding lighting and the temperature is usually much warmer than in traditional storage places.

How you utilize your Solar Gem Greenhouse is limited only by your imagination.  So, if you find a new and creative way to use yours, we want to hear from you too.