9 Best Reasons To Grow Your Own Vegetables

9 Best Reasons To Grow Your Own Vegetables Solar Gem GreenhousesLists. They are ubiquitous these days. We make lists, we read lists, we share lists, we organize ourselves with lists, we motivate with lists, and we’re endlessly entertained by others who make lists for us that rank things. Who gets to decide how things are ranked, what are the rules, is there a governing body for these list makers, and is there any science to the conclusions they reach? Let’s not overthink this.

Gardeners, no matter their skill level, are not immune to this exciting “list” phenomenon, so what better blog could there be for current and future backyard gardeners than a “list” of the best reasons to grow your own vegetables? Oh, some will quibble with how these are ranked – gardeners have informed opinions, you know – and some will suggest that an obvious item was inexplicably left off of the list. This is what makes lists that ranks things so much fun. But this is MY list, and these are my top reasons.

Vegetable gardening, not being one of those controversial topics that tends to polarize readers and generate furious letters to the editor, seemed like an ideal place for me to begin what I hope will be a recurring theme…unscientifically ranking things purely for your reading enjoyment. Now, we shall wade into the waters of gardening opinion and share with you my iron-clad, no doubt about it, take it to the bank, 9 best reasons to grow your own vegetables. [drumroll please, Maestro]

9 Best Reasons To Grow Your Own Vegetables

  1. Sick of the lousy-quality produce at the grocery store
  2. SAVE MONEY (they’re charging how much for those puny, tasteless tomatoes?!)
  3. Desire to eat healthier and be healthier
  4. Eliminate caustic pesticides from your food and go organic
  5. Looking for a fun, productive hobby (perhaps to share with a child, or grandchild)
  6. Desire to live more self-sufficiently
  7. Want fresher, much tastier produce from a trusted source
  8. Want fresher, much tastier herbs and spices to cook with
  9. Want to grow vegetables (or uncommon varieties of vegetables) that you can’t readily find in your grocery store

There you have it. It’s official. These are the 9 best reasons to grow your own vegetables, right in your own backyard, and right inside your own Solar Gem Greenhouse.

Which brings me to a final exhortation…if you want to vegetable garden all year long – no matter what the season is, or how inhospitable the outside temperatures and conditions are (plus you don’t want to feed pests and the local wildlife instead of your family) a rugged backyard greenhouse, which diffuses sunlight in the interior, keeps the warmth in during the colder months, and greatly enhances your harvest year after blessed year – is a must-have gardening tool.

Let’s Grow!

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